Love the Skin You’re In

It seems as if learning to love myself may be one of the longest journeys I’ll ever be on. Finding comfort in our own skin is  something we are continuously told that we can’t have because we are too fat/skinny/short/big-boned/freckled/pale/etc. We are told that we have to count calories, starve ourselves, coat ourselves with makeup, wear the latest trends…all for beauty. What if I told you that BEAUTY is right there inside of you? It’s right there under your very skin, in your heart! It’s something that is easy to forget, the second you look in the mirror and decide you don’t like what you see. It changes your attitude about everything. In the same way, when you LOVE yourself, all the way down to your bones…it CHANGES you! It changes how you interact with people, how you see the world, how you feel and how you love. THAT is what and who I want to be. Every. Day. #babecampaign16143393_10208214407110108_7887899821640987293_o


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